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YST@DLI grant -- questions and answers

Question: Can I still ask questions about the grant application?
Answer: In order to be fair to all partnerships, we are no longer able to answer questions related to the grant application.

Question: Can grant money (cash) be provided to students to pay for transportation or provided to another person to provide transportation?
Answer: Providing cash to students or other individuals to pay for transportation is not allowed. Some examples of how grant money can be used to pay for student transportation to and from a work site include: providing gas cards, a taxi account, community transportation and bus passes.

Question: Can grant funding be used to offset the costs of safety related equipment and clothing?
Answer: No, grant money may not be used to pay for safety related equipment and clothing.

Question: When is the deadline for written questions?
Answer: April 20, 2018 at 4:00 pm CST.

Question: The grant application indicates that proposals must be submitted with original signatures. Are scanned signatures approved if the grant application is submitted by email?
Answer: Yes, scanned signatures are approved for email submissions.

Question: Do you need to be approved as a YST@DLI program prior to completing the grant application?
Answer: No, YST@DLI program approval is not required as part of the grant application. YST@DLI program approval must be completed prior to students starting a paid work experience.

Question: On the grant application, do you want anticipated number of students over one or two years?
Answer: The grant application requests the anticipated number of students for the two year grant performance period from July 1, 2018 to June 30, 2020.

Question: Are there page limits or formatting requirements for the grant narrative?
Answer: No, there are no page limits or formatting requirements. However, a general guideline for the narrative is ten pages with one inch margins, twelve point Times New Roman font and double spacing. There is no penalty or bonus for narratives that do not meet or exceed this guideline.

Question: Do we submit document G as part of the grant application?
Answer: No, document G is not to be included as part of the grant application. It provides an example of the type of information that will be collected from grant recipients.

Question: What is the maximum grant award?
Answer: The maximum grant award is for up to $100,000 total to be used during the grant performance period from July 1, 2018 through June 30, 2020.

Question: Who is the lead partner?
Answer: The lead partner is the main contact for YST@DLI communication. Other partners can ask questions, but communication from YST@DLI will be sent to the lead partner. The lead partner is responsible for sharing information with appropriate individuals within their partnership.

Question: Do you want each document in the grant application checklist submitted separately and do they have to be in that order?
Answer: Please combine all narrative and required documents in one package and submit at the same time. The preferred order would be Document A, Project Proposal Narrative, Program Growth and Recruitment plan, Sustainability of Program, Progress Measures and Outcomes, followed by Document B, Budget Narrative, Documents C and D and required financial documents at the end.

Question: Is the grant invoice with deadlines based on installments or actual costs?
Answer: Each grant invoice is based on allowable expenses paid by the grantee that quarter. Programs will be reimbursed for that amount.