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Spring 2010 CCLD Review Newsletter

The CCLD Review is a quarterly publication of the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry. Its purpose is to promote safe, healthy work and living environments in Minnesota and to inform construction and code professionals about the purpose, plans and progress of Construction Codes and Licensing Division.

In this edition:

  • Minimum building permit surcharge changes for one year
    The Minnesota Statutes &sect 326B.148 surcharge has been changed for one year effective July 1, 2010, until June 30, 2011. Municipalities must begin collecting a $5 minimum surcharge fee July 1, 2010, and continue to collect the new minimum through June 30, 2011.
  •   Read all the details.

  • Lead paint rules
    Minnesota contractors seeking information about new EPA rules for work on homes and other buildings with lead paint should contact the EPA directly. Click here for resources related to the new lead paint rules.

  • Change in code exemption for county fair buildings
    Recent changes in Minnesota law have resulted in broader application of this long standing exemption for county fair buildings. A CCLD Division Opinion clarifies two points:  First, the exemption from "zoning, building, and other ordinances of the town or city" found in Minnesota Statute 38.16 is year-round, not just during the time of the fair. Although the State Building Code is still the standard that applies to county fair buildings, it is not enforceable by a township or city on these county fair buildings. Second, the buildings and structures exempt from "zoning, building and other ordinances of the town or city" now includes any structure on County Agricultural Society or Association rented or leased property as long as income from the rental or lease is used for fair purposes. See the Division Opinion for more details.

Licensing updates:

  • Check the status of a license on the Web
    As the volume of license verification inquiries from employers and prospective employers has increased, CCLD has created a searchable database of individuals holding 39 different license types. Only individuals holding an active license will be displayed and no expired license will be shown. Visit DLI's License Lookup page to view the list of searchable licenses.

  • Requirements for registered, unlicensed individual performing electrical work
    A registered, unlicensed individual performing electrical work is authorized to perform electrical work within the scope of the employer's authority and under the direct supervision of a licensed individual. View more information about requirements for a registered unlicensed individual performing electrical work.

  • Plumber apprentice registrations due by June 15, 2010
    Plumber apprentice registrations expire June 30, 2010. Renewal notices were mailed in early April to individual registered apprentices. Completed registration renewal forms are due by June 15, 2010, to ensure timely renewal. View more information about plumber apprentice registrations.
  • Reinstate a residential contractor, remodeler or roofer license
    Residential building contractor, residential remodeler, and residential roofer licenses that expired BEFORE March 31, 2010 may not be renewed or reinstated. A new two-year license application must be submitted before the previously licensed contractor may be licensed again.  A new license number will be issued.  Download an application.

  • Reinstate a qualifying person status
    Individuals who let their status as a Qualifying Person (QP) go dormant, and are currently inactive, may reinstate their status by taking and passing the appropriate license exams; or completing seven (7) hours approved continuing education (including 1 hour Energy) for each year the QP status has been inactive. Read more about qualifying person reinstatement.


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