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Low-pressure steam boiler inspection

Boiler checks are recommended by ASME Code Section IV and adopted by the state of Minnesota

Note: Log these checks. These boiler checks are recommended as a minimum and are not all inclusive. Additional checks may need to be made depending on the type, size, previous maintenance history, age and condition of the plant. All plants should be operated in a safe, prudent and attentive manner.


  • Observe operating pressure
  • Observe water level
  • Observe general conditions
  • Determine cause of unusual noises or conditions and correct
  • Test water column or gage glass
  • Test water condition and perform corrections as necessary (add chemicals, blow down, etc.)
  • Record in log


  • Test low-water fuel cutoff
  • Blow down boiler
  • Observe condition of flame
  • Check oil supply
  • Observe operation of condensate or vacuum pump


  • Safety valve -- lift lever
  • Test flame-detection devices
  • Test limit controls
  • Test operating controls
  • Sludge blow down (if required)
  • Check condition of heating surfaces for oil pre-heaters
  • Check combustion air supply to boiler room


  • Inspect internally and externally after cleaning
  • Open and inspect low-water fuel cutoff
  • Routine burner maintenance
  • Routine maintenance of condensate or vacuum return equipment
  • Routine maintenance of all combustion control equipment
  • Combustion and draft tests
  • Safety valve pop test
  • Evaporation test of low-water fuel cutoff
  • Inspect gas/oil piping for proper support and tightness
  • Inspect boiler room ventilation louvers and intake
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