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Electrical licensing - Employer registration requirements

Effective Jan. 1, 2012,  all employers with employees who perform electrical, technology or maintenance  work on the employer's premises shall file an application with DLI with the registration fee and verification of employers' workers' compensation coverage.

Electrical registered employer forms:

Employer registration bulletins:

Online permits

Upon completion of your electrical employer registration you may obtain electrical permits with eTRAKiT. Request a personal identification number (PIN) to set up your account. Send an e-mail with your company name, company license number and contact name and phone number to dli.etrakit@state.mn.us to request a PIN.

Employer premises/facilities registration explanation

The following information is applicable to employees performing electrical installation, addition, alteration, or repair work on their employer's premises, as covered under the referenced sections of the Minnesota Electrical Act.

With the exceptions stated below, an employee doing electrical work must be supervised by a licensed master electrician who is an employee of the same employer (Minnesota Statutes Section 326B.33, subdivision 1). The electrical work must be performed by, or under the direct supervision of, licensed master or journeyman electricians who are employees of the same employer. "Direct supervision" requires the licensed person to be on the job and actively supervising the electrical work. A licensed person may supervise not more than two unlicensed persons (Minnesota Statutes Sections 326B.33, subdivision 3).

Electrical maintenance work may be done by an employee who is a licensed maintenance electrician, or by an unlicensed person under the supervision of a licensed master electrician, licensed maintenance electrician, or electrical engineer employed by the same employer, or by the master electrician of record for an electrical contractor who has contracted with the employer to do electrical work for which an electrical contractor's license is required. Personal supervision is not required for maintenance work. (Minnesota Statutes Sections 326B.31, subdivision 21 and 326B.33 subdivision 21).

Electrical maintenance includes only repair or replacement of worn or defective parts of electrical equipment and replacement of defective receptacle outlets and lighting control switches. A maintenance electrician is not permitted to install, extend, or replace any electrical wiring or equipment other than as stated in this paragraph (Minnesota Rule 3800.3500, subpart 8). The installation of replacement ballasts, sockets, or reflectors as part of a lighting retrofit project is not minor repair or maintenance work and is required to be performed in accordance with the second paragraph of this bulletin.

The master electrician, maintenance electrician, or electrical engineer, as applicable, who is responsible for electrical work performed on the employer's premises must file a completed certificate of employment form with the Department of Labor and Industry which acknowledges responsibility for compliance with the Minnesota Electrical Act (Minnesota Rule 3800.3550).

Employers whose employees only perform technology circuit or system work may be provided with supervision by a licensed power limited technician of record instead of a master electrician, maintenance electrician, or electrical engineer. A "responsible" power limited technician of record for the employer must file a completed certificate of employment form with the department in a similar manner as identified in the paragraph above.

Except for limited types of work, a Request for Electrical Inspection (permit) must be filed for all electrical work performed by the employer's employees. Maintaining and repairing of electrical wiring and equipment, as defined above, performed by a maintenance electrician supervised by a master electrician or electrical engineer, and generally technology circuits or systems other than fire alarms and remote control circuits or systems, are exempt from filing of Requests for Electrical Inspection (Minnesota Statutes Section 326B.36, subdivision 2).

Employees are not permitted to do electrical work on premises not owned or occupied and operated and maintained by their employer, including electrical work on the premises of other employees of that employer, unless the employer is a licensed electrical contractor.

Questions concerning these requirements may be directed to the Department of Labor and Industry.

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