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Brokered manufactured (mobile) home sales

Manufactured Structures Bulletin 26


Licensed Realtors and Sales persons


Thomas R. Joachim
State Building Official


January 31, 1996


Brokered Manufactured (Mobile) Home Sales


As per Minnesota Statute 327B.04 subd. 5, A Licensed Real Estate Broker or Salesperson may broker the sale of used manufactured homes without obtaining a Manufactured Home Dealer License. However, the Licensed Real Estate Broker or Salesperson is subject to all provisions of 327B.01 to 327B.12 and any violation of 327B.06 to 327B.09 is deemed a violation of Chapter 82.

Minnesota Statute 327B.08 subd. 3, 4, 5 requires a Trust Account and its use for the deposit and disbursement of all funds involved in a Brokered Manufactured Home Sale. Minnesota Building Code 1350.8400 (Reference Statute 327B.10) also requires disbursement of funds within fourteen (14) days following the consummation or termination of the transaction. As per Minnesota Statute 327B.12 subd. 2, any violation of 327B.08 or 327B.09 is a violation of MN 325F.69, subd. 1. Consumer Fraud, Unlawful Practices.

At this time if the Licensed Real Estate Broker or Salesperson offers or intends to offer Brokering Services for manufactured homes the enclosed form for Trust Account information shall be completed and returned to the Minnesota Building Codes and Standards Division. Please note, that if a Title (as per MN Statute 168A) is listed with the Minnesota Department of Public Safety for a manufactured home that Minnesota Statute 327B applies in a mobile home park or on private property.

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