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Plumbing plan review fee schedule

System Reviewed
Fee Schedule
Water distribution and drain, waste and vent systems, including interceptors, separators, or catch basins
(i) 25 or fewer drainage fixture units, $150;
(ii) 26 to 50 drainage fixture units, $250;
(iii) 51 to 150 drainage fixture units, $350;
(iv) 151 to 249 drainage fixture units, $500;
(v) 250 or more drainage fixture units, $3 per drainage fixture unit to a maximum or $4,000; and
(vi) $70 per interceptor, separator, or catch basin
Building sewer service only
Building water service only
Building water distribution system only, no drainage system
$5 per supply fixture unit or $150 whichever is greater
Storm drainage system
a minimum fee of $150 or:
(i) $50 per drain opening, up to a maximum of $500; and
(ii) $70 per interceptor, separator, or catch basin
Manufactured home park or campground
1 to 25 sites, $300;
26 to 50 sites, $350;
51 to 125 sites, $400
more than 125 sites, $500
Revision to previously reviewed or incomplete plans
review of plans for which commissioner has issued two or more requests for additional information, per review, $100 or ten percent of the original fee, whichever is greater
Proposer-requested revision
(i) with no increase in project scope, $50 or ten percent of original fee, whichever is greater; and
(ii) with an increase in project scope, $50 plus the difference between the original project fee and the revised project fee.

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