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Site utilities plan review

Plan Review requirements

The Minnesota Plumbing Code, Minnesota Rules, part 1300.0215, subpart 6, requires plumbing plans to be submitted for review and approval prior to installation of any plumbing. The plan review requirement includes the interior plumbing system and all site utility services within the property lines that are not owned and maintained by the municipality, sanitary district, or other such entity. Site utility services include water services, building sanitary sewers, building storm sewers, and storm drainage pipes serving catch basins or other drainage structures within the property lines. Plumbing plan reviews are not required for single-family dwellings.

The purpose of the review of site utility services is to verify compliance with the Minnesota Plumbing Code. The following are examples of some of the applicable code requirements:

  • Isolation distance between the water service and sources of pollution (see Minnesota Rules, part 4715.1710, subpart 3).
  • Isolation distance between the water services and the sanitary sewer and the storm sewer (see Minnesota Rules, part 4715.1710, subpart 2). Building sanitary sewer and building storm sewer materials approved for crossing the water service (see Minnesota Rules, part 4715.1710, subpart 2, E).
  • Code approved pipe materials with proper joints and connections for utility services (see Minnesota Rules, part 4715.0510, part 4715.0530, part 4715.0540, part 4715.0620, part 4715.0700, part 4715.2410, etc...).
  • Proper pipe sizes and slopes (see Minnesota Rules, part 4715.2310 and part 4715.2400).
  • Cleanout requirements for maintenance of the sanitary sewer system (see Minnesota Rules, part 4715.1010).
  • Testing procedures of the sanitary sewers, storm sewers, and water services (see Minnesota Rules, part 4715.2820).

A delay in processing plans for reviews will often occur when the site utility plan is omitted in submitting plumbing plans. To avoid installation delays, please be sure that all plans are signed by the designer and the required plan review fee is included with the plans. Plans will not be reviewed until the required fee has been received. Site utility plans must show all new water service piping, sanitary sewer and storm sewer piping within the property lines, including pipe sizes, slopes, and materials. Please clearly note all municipal owned and maintained utility easements within the property line on the plans.

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