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Renewal of plumbing contractor licenses

 New license, certification and registration fees effective July 1, 2015 (PDF).

All current plumbing contractor licenses expire Dec. 31, 2013, and the department is currently accepting license renewal applications. Instructions for renewing plumbing contractor and restricted plumbing contractor licenses are provided below.

The license renewal fee is $206.80 if the renewal application is received by Dec. 31, 2013. Renewals received after Dec. 31, 2013, will be assessed a late fee of $90. If a license remains expired for more than two years, it cannot be renewed and a new license application must be submitted. If a license renewal is submitted after the license expires, the license will be renewed only through the original expiration date of the license, regardless of when the renewal is submitted – DLI cannot prorate license fees or terms. For example, if a license was issued in 2012 with an expiration date of December 31, 2013, and the licensee did not renew their license until September 2014, they would be required to pay the basic license renewal fee plus a $90 late fee, and the license would need to be renewed again on December 31, 2015. If that same licensee allowed the license to expire and did not submit a license renewal by December 31, 2015, they would be required to submit a new license application and would receive a new license number.

Completing a renewal

The process for renewing a plumbing contractor license is exactly the same as applying for a new license – even the forms are the same. In order to renew, gather all of the documents required for a license renewal (including the renewal packet) before submitting the renewal and the fee. Do not submit a renewal until ALL of the required documents have been gathered in one packet:

It is critically important that all of these documents are completed fully and accurately. Mistakes, omissions or missing documents will cause significant delay in the processing of a renewal. Providing a valid e-mail address will enable staff to communicate with you via email in the event there is a problem with a renewal, so the deficiency can be resolved and your renewal processed as quickly as possible.

Renewals can be submitted by mail or online. The mailing address is provided on the license renewal forms. Instructions for renewing online are provided below.

Renewing online

Renewing a license online helps speed the process by eliminating some of the handling steps on DLI's end, but does require applicants to scan and upload the license renewal application forms except bond documents. When renewing online, be sure to scan all of the documents as a single electronic file and have credit card information ready before visiting the online license renewal page. Applicants are able to make updates to information DLI has on file and upload a renewal packet as a single electronic file, not as separate documents. However, DLI must maintain your original bond in its files, so be sure to mail the original bond documents to DLI at the address provided on the top left corner of the bond form after you have scanned them and uploaded them.

Bond issues

All plumbing contractors are required to submit a new $25,000 plumbing code compliance bond when renewing a contractor license. DLI must have the original bond documents themselves, so these cannot be scanned and submitted online. Many license applications and renewals are delayed because of problems with the bond submitted by the contractor. To ensure that an application is processed quickly, verify that all of these items are done properly:

  • Your bonding company used the current DLI bond form.
  • The “Effective Date” of the bond in the box in the upper right corner of the bond is listed as Jan. 1, 2014.
  • An owner or officer of your company signs and dates the front page of the bond.
  • A notary public verifies the signature of your company's owner or officer in the appropriate "Acknowledgment of Principal" section on the second page of the bond form.
  • The name of your company appears on the bond exactly as it is filed with the Secretary of State and DLI.
  • A power of attorney form completed by the bonding company is attached to the bond.

Late renewals

Pursuant to Minn. Stat. 326B.092, subd. 3, a late fee of $90 will be assessed automatically when a completed renewal is not received in DLI's offices by the expiration date of a license. For plumbing contractors and restricted plumbing contractors, this means DLI must receive your completed renewal packet and $206.80 renewal fee by Dec. 31 or you will have to pay the $90 late fee in addition to the renewal fee. There are more than 2,800 licensed plumbing contractors whose licenses are up for renewal this December, so submitting a renewal close to the expiration date also means that DLI may not be able to process the renewal before the license expires, in which case the applicant will be considered to be unlicensed until the renewal is processed. To ensure no lapse in license status, please be sure to submit your renewal application as soon as possible.


For help with questions about the renewal process, contact DLI's licensing staff at (651) 284-5034 or send an e-mail to

Please Note: The Department of Labor and Industry does not accept cash as payment for licenses, inspections, copy requests and other DLI services. Accepted methods of payment include checks, money orders and electronic payments that can be made through the DLI website.

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