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Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry

Apprenticeship and Labor Standards Division

This division assures conditions of employment, apprenticeship programs and wages comply with legal requirements.

John Aiken, director
Phone:  (651) 284-5090 or 1-800-342-5354
Fax:  (651) 284-5740
Email:  dli.apprenticeship@state.mn.us
Web:  www.dli.mn.gov/Appr.asp

Regulates, supervises and promotes apprenticeship programs that have been approved and meet state standard. Apprenticeship provides technical assistance to employers developing apprenticeship programs. It also provides schools, guidance and veterans' counselors, and other business and industry groups information regarding program requirements, selection criteria and general information about administering quality apprenticeship programs.

Labor Standards
John Aiken, director
Phone:  (651) 284-5070 or 1-800-342-5354
Fax:  (651) 284-5740
Email:  dli.laborstandards@state.mn.us
Web:  www.dli.mn.gov/Laborlaw.asp

Protects workers through enforcement of state laws governing labor/employment relations, minimum wage and overtime, child labor, prevailing wage, parental leave and employee rights regarding termination of employment and wages due. It provides outreach and education to employers, employees, industry associations and community-based organizations.

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