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Safety and Workers' Compensation Division

This division oversees and administers the workers' compensation system in Minnesota and regulates occupational safety and health standards.

Minnesota OSHA Division

James Krueger, director, Workplace Safety Programs

Minnesota Occupational Safety and Health Administration (MNOSHA) Compliance
Nancy Zentgraf, director
Phone:  (651) 284-5050 or 1-877-470-6742
Fax:  (651) 284-5741
Email:  osha.compliance@state.mn.us
Web:  www.dli.mn.gov/MnOsha.asp

Enforces the Minnesota Occupational Safety and Health Act (MNOSHA) and federal standards. It works to assure safe and healthful working conditions for Minnesota workers through on-site inspections, citations for noncompliance, interpreting standards and helping employers understand how to comply with standards. MNOSHA revises and adopts new or existing OSHA regulations. It responds to employee complaints of workplace hazards and discrimination due to safety and health issues.

Workplace Safety Consultation
Tyrone Taylor, director
Phone:  (651) 284-5060 or 1-877-657-3776
Fax:  (651) 284-5739
Email:  osha.consultation@state.mn.us
Web:  www.dli.mn.gov/Wsc.asp

Provides free safety and health consultation services and inspections to Minnesota private-sector employers, especially small, high-hazard industries. It helps employers understand and comply with MNOSHA standards. It administers Safety Grant, Labor-Management Safety Committee, Violence Prevention and LogSafe programs. Workplace Safety Consultation also conducts educational safety and health seminars.

Workers' Compensation Division

Phone:  (651) 284-5032 or 1-800-342-5354
Email:  dli.workcomp@state.mn.us
Web:  www.dli.mn.gov/WorkComp.asp

Alternative Dispute Resolution
Mark McCrea, director
Phone:  (651) 478-8214

Seeks early intervention in workers' compensation disputes through conference and mediation. It handles calls from the workers' compensation hotline and responds to questions from injured workers, employers, health care providers, attorneys and qualified rehabilitation consultants.

Compliance, Records and Training
Jessica Stimac, director
Phone:  (651) 284-5177
Fax:  (651) 284-5731

Creates and maintains workers' compensation claim files. Compliance, Records and Training ensures compliance with benefit provisions of workers' compensation law by auditing workers' compensation claims, penalizing insurers for late payment and providing educational outreach. It also certifies qualified rehabilitation consultants (QRCs) and provides analysis of medical and rehabilitation issues. Upon request, Compliance, Records and Training mails the state's required workplace posters without charge.

Special Compensation Fund
Karen Kask-Meinke, director
Phone:  (651) 284-5210
Fax:  (651) 215-9099

Administers the workers' compensation claims of injured employees who worked for employers that did not carry workers' compensation insurance or that declared bankruptcy. Special Compensation Fund also administers the asbestosis program and the supplementary benefit and second-injury reimbursement programs. It enforces the requirement that all state employers carry workers' compensation insurance.

Vocational Rehabilitation
Jeanne Vogel
, director
Phone:  (320) 258-2059
Fax:  (320) 255-3951
Web:  www.dli.mn.gov/WC/Vru.asp

Provides vocational rehabilitation services to help injured workers return to work. The staff consists of qualified rehabilitation consultants (QRCs), placement specialists and placement assistants. Injured workers eligible for services include:  those whose workers' compensation claims were denied; those whose rehabilitation services were suspended; those who qualify for services paid by insurance carriers or self-insured employers; and those who are awaiting a decision on eligibility for workers' compensation benefits.

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