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Research and Statistics -- DLI statistics appendix

Average weekly wage-replacement benefits

These figures are based on indemnity claims and payment data from the Department of Labor and Industry claims database. The data is tabulated by injury year. Tabulated claims, payment and duration numbers for any given injury-year develop over time. Because the developed number for any injury year is an estimate of the ultimate number, it is always subject to revision.

Without adjustment for wage growth, any given average claim cost means different things in different years, because its magnitude is different relative to the cost of labor. To standardize the cost of benefits over time, average benefit costs per claim are adjusted for wage growth. The number for each year is multiplied by the ratio of the 2001 statewide average weekly wage (SAWW) to the SAWW for that year, using the SAWW reflecting wages paid during the respective year. Thus, the numbers for all years reflect average benefits per claim expressed in 2001 wage-dollars.

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