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Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry

Statutes and Rules

Minnesota Rules (5200.0290 through 5200.0420)

Construction Codes and Licensing
Boiler and Boat rules/Boiler statutes
Building codes rules/Building codes statutes
Construction worker misclassification statutes
Contractor registration statutes
Electrical rules/Electrical statutes
Elevator rules/Elevator statutes
High-pressure-piping rules/High-pressure-piping statutes
Manufactured homes rules/Manufactured homes statutes
Plumbing rules Chapters 4715 and 4716/Plumbing statutes (sections 326B.41 to 326B.49)
Residential building contractor rules/Residential building contractor statutes

Labor Standards
Minnesota Rules chapter 5200 (wages and labor)
Background checks -- Minnesota Statutes 181.645
Child labor -- Minnesota Statutes 181A
Employment agencies -- Minnesota Statutes 184
Employment, wages, conditions, hours and restrictions -- Minnesota Statutes 181
Entertainment agencies -- Minnesota Statutes 184A
Minimum wage, overtime, prevailing wage -- Minnesota Statutes 177
Posting of law -- Minnesota Statutes 177.31
Regulating nurses overtime -- Minnesota Statutes 181.275
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Occupational Safety and Health (OSHA)
Minnesota Rules (5205 through 5215)
Minnesota Statutes
Other standards

Workers' Compensation
Minnesota Rules -- rehabilitation and rules of practice (5220)
Minnesota Statutes 175, 175A, 176

Medical rules effective Oct. 1, 2005 (5221)

-- More information about medical (relative value) fee schedule

Treatment parameters are Minnesota Rules 5221.6010 through 5221.8900

-- Recent changes to the permanent treatment parameter rulesĀ 

Permanent partial disability (PPD) schedules

-- Recent changes to the permanent partial disability schedule

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