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Workers' compensation -- HIPAA 835 Health care claim payment/remittance advice

5221.0300 Purpose

This chapter is intended to prohibit health care providers treating employees with compensable injuries from receiving excessive reimbursement for their services. This chapter defines the payer's maximum liability for medical services, articles, and supplies. This chapter also governs health care provider communication with parties; required reporting of medical, disability, and billing information under Minnesota Statutes, chapter 176; change of health care provider; and criteria for determining, serving, and filing maximum medical development.

Statutory authority:  MS s 175.171; 176.101; 176.135; 176.136; 176.231; 176.83

History:  9 SR 601; 13 SR 2609; 18 SR 1472

Posted:  June 11, 2008

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