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Workers' compensation -- Qualified rehabilitation consultant (QRC) data help

Download data or request information by email, U.S. mail

Downloading the data set to your local disk

  1. Download the data set to your local disk (remember the name of this file and where you placed it)

  2. Open Microsoft Excel

  3. From the menu bar, select Data, Get External Data, Import Text file

  4. Find the file containing the data set from Labor and Industry

  5. Click the Import button

  6. A text import wizard will appear; select Delimited, Start import at row: 1

  7. Click Next

  8. Make sure there is a check mark next to the delimiter tab; if there isn't, place one there

  9. Click Next

  10. Click Finish

  11. Select the location in the spreadsheet where you want to place the imported data

  12. Click OK

Note:  Importing into your version of Microsoft Excel may differ from these instructions. Other spreadsheet software may have similar importing data instructions, but refer to your software manual for assistance.

Request information by email

Email dli.workcomp@state.mn.us to receive an email reply with the requested information attached.

Request information by U.S. mail

Call (651) 284-5036 to request a copy to be sent to you by U.S. mail.

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