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Workplace Safety Consultation -- Resources

Free publications, handouts and other information from Minnesota OSHA

Outside resources

The websites lists below offer helpful resources from organizations outside of Minnesota. Specific information offered on these sites may not conform to Minnesota OSHA requirements.

Washington State Department of Labor and Industries -- The state of Washington has developed employee training kits for specific standards. The kits include PowerPoint presentations and tips for the presenter.

WorkSafe BC (the Workers' Compensation Board of British Columbia) -- WorkSafe BC's multimedia page offers slideshows, videos and a "What wrong with this photo?" section.

Wyoming Department of Workforce Services -- The Wyoming Department of Workplace Services provides potential toolbox topics, each with a general overview about what to discuss

More information

For more information, contact Minnesota OSHA's Workplace Safety Consultation at (651) 284-5060, 1-800-342-5354 or osha.consultation@state.mn.us.

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