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Administrative or punitive measures

We may take action against a plumber who does non-complying work. Possible actions against plumbers include invocation of the bond to correct non-complying work and administrative penalties (through Minnesota Statutes, Sections 144.989 to 144.993) that may result in fines and license suspension or cancellation.

Directories of plumbing enforcement actions 

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Who enforces the plumbing code in Minnesota?

Our agency administers the statewide plumbing code and licensing requirements, and also takes administrative actions against plumbers who fail to meet licensing or installation requirements. 

Complaints can be filed by consumers, business owners, other plumbers or inspectors.

We cannot require plumbers to resolve customer disputes, pay damages or take corrective action unless violations of the Minnesota Plumbing Code are discovered. In some cases, disputes must be resolved through private civil action (the court system).