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Opinion: Elevator hoistway opening protection and additional doors


Division staff and other interested persons


Thomas R. Joachim, State Building Official


Elevator hoistway opening protection and additional doors


May 28, 2003


With the adoption of the 2000 International Building Code, there is a change in the way these subjects are regulated that now creates a conflict in the State Building Code. During the public hearing process, a few companion amendments were introduced and passed that modify IBC Sections 707.7, 707.14.1, and 714.2.3.

Section 707.7 deals with openings in a shaft enclosure, including those in a required fire-resistive elevator hoistway (see 707.2). This new state amended section of IBC 707.7 now requires that openings in required fire-resistive elevator hoistways be protected with fire-resistive assemblies in construction complying as for a lobby or assemblies placed directly over the hoistway opening. In addition to being fire rated, such openings shall restrict the movement of smoke through openings using smoke-control or draft-control assemblies in accordance with Section 714.2.3.2...

In lieu of a lobby, exception 3 to Section 707.14.1 permits additional [smoke rated] doors to be installed at the point of access to elevator cars in accordance with Section 3002.6 of the IBC. Although section 3002.6 has been amended out by our state code, it is the intent of this division that additional hoistway doors are permitted at the point of access to elevator cars. However, this creates a conflict with part 1307.0045 subpart 17 of the Minnesota Elevator Code where additional hoistway doors are prohibited. The division recognized this conflict when adopting the IBC and determined to correct it when the elevator code is amended. In the meantime, additional hoistway doors may be used and deemed code compliant.

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