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Opinion: Required inspections




Required inspections


1998 SBC/1997 Uniform Building Code
UBC Section 108, as amended by Minnesota Building Code.

Submitted By:

Minnesota Building Officials Uniformity Committee

Approved By:

Thomas R. Joachim, State Building Official

Issue Date: 

July 28, 1999


What building inspections are required by code to be done on all buildings, and who governs whether these required inspections are done?


The Minnesota State Building Code which includes the amended 1997 Uniform Building Code specifies the following required inspections:

  • Reinforcing steel and structural framework must be approved by the Building Official before covering.
  • Foundation inspection.
  • Concrete slab or under-floor inspection.
  • Frame inspection.
  • Insulation inspection.
  • Lath and/or gypsum board inspection when part of a structure or fire-rated assembly.
  • Manufactured home setup inspection .  (MSBC 1350.2100)
  • Reroofing inspection at completion of work.  (UBC Appendix 1515.2.2)
  • Final inspection.
  • Special inspections as required by UBC Chapter 17 (special inspections specified by the engineer of record to be approved by the Building Official may include but are not limited to soils, concrete, welding, high-strength bolting, spray-applied fire-proofing and pilings.)
  • Other inspections as required by the Building Official to verify compliance with the building code and other laws which are enforced by the code enforcement agency.

The Building Official is responsible to determine which inspections are necessary for all construction activity regulated by the code.  Other codes may have additional inspection requirements.

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