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Sign contractor bonds

What is a sign contractor bond?

  • Cities that license sign contractors require a bond to issue a license.
  • The bond is an insurance contract between the contractor and the surety (bonding) company.
  • The bond provides protection for the sign contractor’s customers and the cities.

Do I need a state bond?

  • To obtain city licenses you must file a bond with each city, or file a bond with DLI.
  • If you file a bond with DLI, the cities cannot require you to file a separate bond with them.

How do I file a state bond?

  • Contact your insurance agent to find out how to obtain a bond.
  • Download the sign bond forms and application forms (PDF).
  • Once you receive the bond back from your insurance agent, sign it in front of a notary and mail it to DLI along with all the completed application forms and filing fee.
  • Be sure to keep copies for your records.

What happens next?

  • Once DLI has processed your application, your company’s name will appear on our online license lookup tool.
  • Cities will use this lookup to verify your bonding status so you can get your city licenses.
  • You will need to file a renewal every two years.

Is this a new requirement?

  • Sign contractors have been allowed to file a state bond since 1998, but a recent change in the law created the application process requirement and $100 biannual filing fee.


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