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Reserved inspection delegation agreements

The municipality is responsible for all required inspections, including:

  • Conduct cursory plan review to familiarize the inspector with the project (main plan review done by CCLD).
  • Issue permits and maintain all records (however, no permits are to be issued until written approval is received from CCLD).
  • Oversee Special Inspections.
  • Adhere to all applicable written CCLD plan review policies (see code opinions and policies, section policy, plan review and regional services policies or contact DLI for policies).
  • Perform all required inspections for compliance with state-approved plans and the State Building Code.
  • Review change orders and addendums for code compliance.
  • Issue certificates of occupancy where applicable after final inspection of the project.

Reserved projects include:

  • roof covering replacement that does not add roof load
  • towers requiring special inspections
  • single-level storage buildings not exceeding 5,000 square feet
  • exterior maintenance work, including replacement of siding, windows and doors
  • HVAC unit replacement that does not add roof load or ventilation capacity
  • accessibility upgrades that do not involve building additions or structural alterations
  • remodeling that does not change the building’s occupancy, structural system, exit access or discharge pattern, or mechanical load
  • other projects determined to be reserved by the commissioner


For permitting and inspection of reserved projects, the municipality may charge up to 25-percent of its normal plan review fee for the cursory plan review. It may charge its normal fee for permits.

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