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Minnesota workers' compensation email filing

The Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry has created a new email address for submission of certain workers' compensation forms, documents, medical records and other correspondence to facilitate compliance with Gov. Tim Walz’s Stay at Home executive orders.

Submission via this email address is meant to help stakeholders continue to submit necessary filings and documents related to reportable workers' compensation claims while working from home offices and without ready access to their usual mail or fax submission methods. If you are able to mail or fax documents, continue to do so, to ensure this email inbox will be available for remote workers who do not currently have access to those methods.

Do not email the forms listed below that can already be submitted online.

Submission by email is only authorized if the following requirements are met:

  1. All documents must be emailed to

  2. Your email message should be encrypted or otherwise secure to protect sensitive or private data.

  3. Your subject line should be the worker identification (WID) number*, the date of injury (DOI) and a short description of your filing (use the description column in the table below). Never use an employee's Social Security number, name or other identifying information in the subject line. 

    • Example:  123456_01/01/2020_NOB

    • The WID number is always returned in the EDI acknowledgement when FROIs are accepted, it is also called the Employee Security ID and is DN0206. Ask your EDI person or team for the WID number on a claim if you do not know where to find it in your system.

  4. Documents for only one employee and date of injury can be attached for each email message. If you need to submit documents for more than one employee or more than one date of injury, you will need to send a separate email message for each claim.

  5. Email messages received after 4:30 p.m. Central time will be marked as received the next business day.


If you have any questions, email Karen Ryba at or Karen Carlson at

Description Form full name
HCPR Health Care Provider Report
ISR Interim Status Report
NOBP Notice of Benefit Payment
NOBR Notice of Benefit Reinstatement
NODUD Notice of Discontinuance of Workers' Compensation Benefits Upon Death of Employee
NODDB Notice of Discontinuance of Workers' Compensation Dependency Benefits
NOPLD Notice of Insurer’s Primary Liability Determination
NOID Notice of Intention to Discontinue Workers' Compensation Benefits, used for return to work
NOID3 Notice of Intention to Discontinue Workers' Compensation Benefits, for reasons other than a return to work
OBJPEN Objection to Penalty Assessment
CORRES Correspondence
MED Medical reports
RWA Report of Work Ability
Other Other documents that do not fit into the categories above