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A registered unlicensed individual is limited to performing high pressure piping (HPP) work:

  1. within the scope of the employer's authority to perform the high-pressure piping work; and

  2. under the supervision of an individual licensed to perform the high-pressure piping work; and

  3. when the licensed and registered unlicensed individuals are employed by the same contractor or employer.

Requirements and qualifications

  • At least 18 years old.

  • Must be registered as an unlicensed individual if performing high pressure piping work required to be performed by a licensed individual.

  • Prohibited from performing high-pressure piping work without direct supervision.

Registration fees

  • $14 - new or renew registration

  • $19 - renew or reinstate an expired pipefitter registration

Length of registration

  • One year; registration expires on the last day of the month of the new registration.

Application process

  • Submit an application or apply online. No exams are required.



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