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Check licenses, bonds, certifications and registrations

Visit iMS, our licensing management system, to check the status of a license, continuing education completion, work experience, plumbing bond holders and whether there are enforcement actions against a license. 

  • An account is not required to search. Select "Continue as guest" and enter a complete license or registration number into the search box at the top of the page.

  • You can search using additional criteria by selecting the "Search License/Registration holders" button.

  • View more information about searching in iMS.

Download license, bond, certification and registration data

Download a spreadsheet of all licensed businesses and individuals. This export file includes all licenses, bonds, certifications and registrations that are issued by the Code Construction and Licensing Division of DLI. The file is updated nightly and can be sorted and filtered as needed.

The export files below are discipline-specific extracts from the file above:


Contact the Construction Codes and Licensing Division at 651-284-5034 or