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What you need to know about plan review:

Plumbing plans, specifications and a fee must be submitted for modification or installation of all plumbing systems that serve the public or that serve a considerable number of persons. Some of these facilities include but are not limited to restaurants, resorts, hotels, vacation home rentals, grocery stores, department stores, offices, warehouses, shops, churches, hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living facilities and housings with five units or more, such as apartments and condominiums (excluding townhomes built to the International Residential Code (IRC) with individual water and sewer services to each dwelling unit).

Some cities have plan review agreements with our agency to review plans. However, there are some projects that still require state review. Learn more about plan review agreements.

Plan review includes all interior plumbing, building sewer and water service connections within the property lines and storm water drainage systems. A few of the items we review include adequate pipe sizing, proper pipe connections, approved pipe material, fixture specifications and backflow prevention devices. Our agency must give you complete plan approval before installation of any portion of your plumbing system may begin.

Details about projects considered "minor remodels."

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Plan review, permit and inspection update during COVID-19 pandemic

  • Plan review:  Electronic and paper plans submitted will continue to be reviewed. For electronic plan review, submit plans online. Paper plans are accepted but will be processed every Tuesday. Make sure to keep copies of paper plans submitted to our office. Staff are working normal hours and available by phone and email.

  • Inspections and permits:  For plumbing inspections (water and sewer utilities, water softeners, interior plumbing or storm drainage systems) start an inspection permit online here. Online permits will continue to be issued. Paper permit applications are processed every Tuesday. Inspections continue during normal hours by contacting your regional plumbing inspector. 


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