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Workers' compensation insurers, self-insured employers, third-party administrators, hospitals and clearinghouses must provide the Department of Labor and Industry (DLI) with the name and contact information of a designated employee to answer questions related to the submission or payment of medical bills. The law requiring designated employees is Minnesota Statutes section 176.135, subdivision 9.

Registration and training verification

Register the contact information for a designated employee or verify you have completed training.


Electronic medical records (posted Oct. 12, 2023; completion date, Jan. 10, 2024)

Designated contact employee training:  Responsibilities and hospital fee schedules (posted March 9, 2022; completion deadline June 7, 2022)

Employee directory

View the directory of designated employees for payers, hospitals and clearinghouses.

Frequently asked questions

1. What organizations are required to have a designated employee?

  • Clearinghouses, as defined in Minnesota Statutes section 62J.51, subdivision 11a

  • Hospitals licensed in the state of Minnesota

  • Workers' compensation insurers

  • Self-insured employers

  • Third-party administrators licensed by the Department of Commerce under Minnesota Statutes section 60A.23, subdivision 8

2. My insurer (or self-insured employer) uses a third-party administrator to process medical bills. Can a representative from this company be our designated employee?

No, the insurer or self-insured employer must designate its own employee.

3. Can one person be the designated employee for all the hospitals in a hospital system?

No, the law requires that each licensed hospital must designate an employee.

4. How will I be notified about training requirements?

DLI will email all designated employees who are registered in the system when a new registered training program is posted.

5. The designated employee is leaving their position. How do we register the contact information for a new designated employee?

The current designated employee's account should be deleted and the new designated employee should create a new account to register their contact information.

6. How will designated employees' information be used?

Designated employees' contact information will be posted in the directory linked above so that DLI and other entities may ask the designated employee questions related to the submission or payment of medical bills. The information is also used to notify designated employees of training requirements.


If you don't see your question answered above, email DLI's medical policy staff at