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A combatant may challenge the outcome of a bout only if it is alleged that:

  1. the referee made an incorrect call or missed a rule violation that directly affected the outcome of the bout;

  2. there was collusion amongst officials to affect the outcome of the bout; or

  3. scores were miscalculated.

If you would like to challenge the outcome of a combative sports bout in Minnesota, complete a challenge form and return it to the Office of Combative Sports (OCS). The form will ask you to provide: 

  1. your name and contact information;

  2. certain facts about the relevant bout, 

  3. the alleged basis for the challenge;

  4. information about what outcome(s) you are seeking; and

  5. any relevant information for review including photo and video evidence.

NOTE:  If a third party submits a challenge on behalf of a combatant, the third party must provide written confirmation that they are authorized to submit the challenge on behalf of the combatant. The written confirmation must contain the combatant’s signature and must be submitted with the challenge.  

A challenge must be submitted within 10 days from the conclusion of the bout. If the tenth day falls on a Saturday, Sunday or legal holiday, then a combatant shall have until the next day that is not a Saturday, Sunday or legal holiday to submit a challenge. Send the completed challenge form to Matt Schowalter by mail, fax or email:

Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry
Office of Combative Sports
ATTN: Matt Schowalter
443 Lafayette Road North
St. Paul, MN  55155
Fax number: 651-539-0269
Email address:

A copy of any properly submitted challenge and its supporting materials will be sent to the opposing combatant, who will have 14 days to submit any response.

OCS has the option to send a complete copy of the challenge or response, along with any supporting materials submitted, to any licensed official involved in the bout and request the official’s views on the issues raised in the challenge.

The commissioner shall issue an order on the challenge within 60 days after receiving the opposing combatant’s response. If the opposing combatant does not submit a response, the commissioner shall issue an order on the challenge within 75 days after receiving the challenge.