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The municipality is responsible for carrying out all aspects of State Building Code administration, including:

  • Conducting plan review of buildings, grounds and fire protection systems with written plan review comments.

  • Interpreting, applying, and enforcing all applicable code provisions.

  • Issuing permits and maintain all records.

  • Approving and overseeing special inspections.

  • Documenting and maintaining files of all equivalencies and modifications to the code as required by Minnesota Rule 1300.

  • Adhering to all applicable plan review policies. Contact us for policies.

  • Performing all required inspections including those required for fire protection systems.

  • Reviewing change orders and addenda for code compliance.

  • Issuing certificates of occupancy where applicable after final inspection of the project.

Fire protection system plan review and inspections

The person conducting fire protection system plan review and inspections for the municipality must be qualified to conduct these plan reviews and inspections.


The municipality's normal permit and plan review fees may be charged under this agreement.