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Every municipality must designate a building official to administer the State Building Code.

A municipality may designate no more than one building official responsible for code administration defined by each certification category created by statue or rule. Two or more municipalities may partner to designate a building official for administering the provisions of the code within their communities. 

In municipalities where no building official is designated, the state building official may use whichever state employees are necessary to perform the duties of the building official until the municipality makes a temporary or permanent designation. All costs incurred are borne by the municipality and receipts arising from these services must be paid to the Department of Labor and Industry.


In the event that a designated building official position is vacant within a municipality,  Minnesota statutes provide  the municipality must designate a certified building official to fill the vacancy as soon as possible. Notify us of any vacancy or designation within 15 days.

Failure to designate?

If a municipality doesn't designate a building official within 15 days of the vacancy,  the state building official may provide employees to serve in that function until the municipality makes a temporary or permanent designation.

Please note:  A building official must be certified by our agency to be eligible for designation. Your municipality may not issue building permits without a designated certified building official.

Building official designation

Designate a building official or let us know about a vacancy.


Contact Scott Wheeler, Code Services supervisor, at 651-284-5876 or