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Minnesota law requires that building officials administer all aspects of the State Building Code, issue building permits and inspect manufactured home installations, alterations and repairs.

 A permit is required for:

  • Installation of new and used manufactured homes

  • Remodeling of manufactured homes, windows, interior walls, roofing, siding etc.

  • Alterations of manufactured homes

  • Additions to the home, porches, decks, garages etc.

  • Installation of furnaces and water heaters

Required inspections for a new manufactured home include footings, anchoring and support system, gas piping test and a final inspection.

If the home is installed on a basement the footings, foundation, anchoring, new plumbing rough-in and manometer, mechanical, energy, electrical and related inspections.

For specific requirements for Manufactured Homes see Minnesota Rules 1350, Prefabricated Buildings, Minnesota Rules 1360, Industrialized/Modular Buildings Minnesota Rules 1361 and Minnesota Rules 1370 for Storm Shelters (Manufactured Home Parks).