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Injured workers may be eligible for vocational rehabilitation services if they need help returning to work because of a work-related injury and their employer is unable to offer suitable gainful employment within their work restrictions.

Vocational rehabilitation services are planned by the injured worker, the employer/insurer and a qualified rehabilitation consultant (QRC).

DLI's Vocational Rehabilitation unit

The Department of Labor and Industry's Vocational Rehabilitation unit (VRU) provides vocational rehabilitation services to injured workers whose claims have been denied by the employer/insurer. Learn more about VRU.

Further resources

Benefit and provider fee levels effective October 2017

Office of Workers' Compensation Ombudsman

Contact the Workers' Compensation Division at 651-284-5038 or to request a copy of the following lists or information:

  • qualified rehabilitation consultants (QRCs);

  • QRC firms;

  • registered rehabilitation vendors; or

  • rehabilitation rules

Adopted rehabilitation rules:  Minnesota Rules 5220.0100 to 5220.1900

Workers' compensation training for rehabilitation providers