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A contractor offering to perform or performing medical gas installations, maintenance or repair must be licensed by our agency as a plumbing contractor

Individuals working for a plumbing contractor performing medical gas installations, maintenance or repair must obtain a medical gas certification.

To obtain the certification you must have:

  • An active journeyworker plumber or master plumber license,

  • Met the requirements of ASSE 6010 Medical Gas System Installers,

  • Met the brazing qualifications as defined in NFPA 99C, and

  • Have a current medical gas installer certification issued by the National Inspection Testing Certification (NITC).

The initial registration fee is $48. The renewal fee is $53.

Continuing education required for renewal

Renewal of a medical gas installer certification requires four hours of continuing education instruction during the certification period.

The required instruction must pertain to the technical topics related to the installation, repair, or maintenance of medical gas systems per chapter NFPA 99 or Minnesota Statutes, section 326B.438. Continuing education completed to fulfill the medical gas certification renewal requirement may also be used to fulfill four hours of the individual’s 16 hour plumber license renewal continuing education requirement.