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Fee reductions, continuous bond and streamlined online renewal among changes for 2017 renewal

  • Plumbing contractor license renewal fee has dropped from $168 to $128.

  • New continuous bond means contractors do not have to submit a bond with their 2017 renewal.

  • New online business renewal process eliminates most paperwork.

All current plumbing contractor licenses expire Dec. 31, 2017. Instructions for renewing plumbing contractor and restricted plumbing contractor licenses are below.

Online renewal

License bond is continuous

  • Bonds required for plumbing contractors and restricted plumbing contractors are continuous, so you do not have to submit bond forms with your 2017 renewal.

  • The amount of the bond is also cumulative, which means there will be $25,000 in coverage for each two-year license term.

Secretary of State filing

  • To renew your license, your corporate, LLC or assumed name filing with the Secretary of State must be up-to-date.

  • On all renewal forms, especially your insurance certificates, your business name must appear EXACTLY as it is filed with the Secretary of State.

  • Check the status of your Secretary of State filing here and update it if necessary. Your license cannot be renewed if your Secretary of State filing is inactive.

If you have changed your business structure (going from a sole proprietorship to an LLC or corporation, or from a corporation to an LLC), you will need to apply for a new license for your new business entity.

Paper renewal


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