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In Minnesota, residential building contractor, roofer, remodeler and manufactured home installer businesses -- not individual owners -- require a license (though an individual operating as a sole proprietor is required to become licensed as an individual). However, each company must designate one individual who will serve as the qualifying person regardless of whether the licensee is an individual proprietorship, partnership, limited liability company (LLC) or corporation.

A company’s qualifying person must pass our prelicensing exam for the company to apply for a license. There are no prerequisite experience or educational requirements to take the residential building contractor, remodeler or roofer exam.

If you intend to obtain a residential building contractor (BC) license, your qualifying person must take the qualifying builder (QB) exam. If you intend to obtain a residential remodeler (CR) license, your qualifying person must take the qualifying remodeler (QC) exam. If you intend to obtain a residential roofer (RR) license, your qualifying person must take the qualifying roofer (QR) exam.

When deciding which license to get, keep in mind that a building contractor license allows you to perform all the work that a residential remodeler license allows, plus you can perform new construction. A residential remodeler license only allows you to perform work on existing structures. All licensing requirements are the same for both licenses – only the exams are different.  A roofer license only allows you to perform roofing work – you cannot contract to install gutters, downspouts, soffits, fascia or any other type of residential work.

You can apply online or submit an application. Exams are offered at our offices in St. Paul and at locations in outstate Minnesota.

About the exam

The exam consists of 110 multiple choice questions and a score of 70% or higher is required to pass. Roughly 60% of the exam questions relate to the provisions of the Minnesota Residential Building Code and the rest relate to the statutes and rules governing the various aspects of the residential construction industry. Applicants have five and a half hours to complete the exam. View the Residential Building Contractor Licensing Examination Guide.

Exam candidates are provided with two reference books for use during the exam:  the Minnesota State Residential Code, 2020 edition, and the DLI Reference Manual for Residential Building Contractor and Remodeler License Exam (Spanish).

The qualifying builder exam is available in English and Spanish. Contact us at to request the qualifying builder exam in Spanish.

After the exam

Once you pass the exam we will contact you with test results and instructions about how to apply for a license. Those who don't pass the exam must wait 30 days before applying to retake the exam and submit a new application and fee.

Who can act as a company's qualifying person?

Those who may act as the qualifying person for each business structure include (Minn. Stat. 326B.805, subd. 4):

  • Individual proprietorship: Must be the proprietor or managing employee

  • Partnership: Must be a partner or managing employee

  • Limited liability company (LLC): Must be a chief manager or managing employee

  • Corporation: Must be a chief executive officer or managing employee

A "managing employee" must be an employee of the company and is actively engaged in the business of residential contracting or residential remodeling on behalf of the licensee. A company's qualifying person may not be an independent contractor of the company.

A company’s qualifying person may act as the qualifying person for more than one company, but only if there is 25% common ownership among the companies and the individual meets the requirements described above with respect to their position within each company. The qualifying person is not required to be the individual holding the 25% common ownership.

The qualifying person is also responsible for completing 14 hours of approved continuing education to renew the company’s license every two years. View information about how to look up your continuing education status.


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