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We investigate a variety of complaints including allegations of:

  • Violations of the electrical licensing or electrical inspection laws, or of errors or inappropriate action by contract inspectors or department staff. 

  • Licensees violating the electrical act. They are subject to disciplinary action ranging from reprimands to license revocation depending on the severity of the infraction.

  • People performing electrical work without a proper license, failing to obtain electrical permits, or otherwise violating the statutes or rules.

  • Specific electrical code violations on rental properties that are received in writing from a tenant. In such cases,  our department will inspect the property as required by Minnesota Stat. Section 504B and take necessary  action if violations are found.

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Note: If submitting copies of confidential financial documents such as checks, bank statements or credit card bills, we encourage redaction (black out text or otherwise erase) of sensitive data like account numbers, bank routing numbers, Social Security numbers, etc.