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Can my employer deduct money from my wages?

Your employer may deduct money from your wages if:

  • you are covered by a union collective bargaining agreement that allows for deductions;

  • you are a commissioned salesperson with rules regarding deductions for performance issues;

  • before you made a purchase or took out a loan from your employer you voluntarily agreed in writing to have the cost of that loan or purchase taken out of your wages; or

  • there is a court order requiring that deductions be taken.

Your employer cannot deduct from your wages for broken equipment, lost money or other employer losses unless:

  • after the loss occurs, you give the employer your voluntary written authorization to deduct from your wages; or

  • you have been found liable for the loss by a court.

See Minnesota Statutes 181.79.

Can uniforms, equipment, consumables and travel expenses be deducted?

Your employer may deduct up to $50 total from your wages for:

  • purchased or rented uniforms required for your job; and

  • purchased or rented equipment used to do your job.

These deducted wages must be paid back to you when you leave employment.

Deductions for consumables or travel expenses:

  • consumable supplies used to do your job, such as shampoo if you work at a hair salon; and

  • travel expenses incurred for work.

These deductions cannot bring your wages below the state minimum wage and must be paid back to you when you leave employment.

See Minnesota Statutes 177.24.

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