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Use the calculator below to determine building permit, plan review and surcharge fees for review of plans and inspections of public school district building projects where the cost is $100,000 or more, state-licensed facilities and public buildings

Enter the project's construction value in the space below and select "Submit." The plan review and building permit fees are calculated based on the construction value entered. 

Permit, plan review and surcharge calculator

Plan Review

Permit Fees

Notes about using this calculator:

  • Do not use a dollar sign or commas. Enter only numbers in the construction value field.

  • Select "Submit" after entering the construction value. Pressing the "enter" key won't calculate the fees.

About the fees

  • Building permit and surcharge fees are based on formulas in Minnesota Rule part 1302.0600.

  • Plan review fees are based on Minnesota Rule part 1302.0600 subparts 1, 2, and 4.

  • The formula used to calculate the building permit and plan review fees is taken from Minnesota Statute 326B.153.

  • The formula used to calculate the surcharge is found in Minnesota Statute 326B.148.