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Ryan Rehn, Building Plan Review supervisor 651-284-5410
Greg Metz, Plan Review Unit manager 651-284-5884
Cris Bitker, plans examiner 651-284-5412
Mike Bunnell, senior plans examiner 651-284-5866
Ken Eggers, plans examiner 651-284-5913
Lee Gladitsch, senior plans examiner 651-284-5801
Karen Gridley, accessibility specialist 651-284-5877
Stacy Jeffrey, applications and permitting specialist 651-284-5579
Dan Kelsey, structural specialist 651-284-5852
Dean Mau, fire protection systems specialist 651-284-5335
Britt McAdamis, senior plans examiner 651-284-5276
Wendy Rannenberg, plans examiner 651-284-5415
Chris Rosival, HVAC/refrigeration specialist 651-284-5510