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Industrialized or modular buildings are structures manufactured at a location other than the permanent site of occupancy. They include, but are not limited to: modular buildings that are factory-built single-family and multi-family housing and non-residential structures such as detached classrooms and communications and power equipment buildings.

These buildings may be closed construction panels or a single whole section or multiple sections designed to be transported and permanently assembled on a foundation system. Since these buildings are manufactured and shipped with most of the structures components installed and finished, it is defined as a building of "closed construction."

The Minnesota State Building Code (Chapter 1361) governs the manufacture, construction and occupancy of all industrialized/modular buildings and the manufacturing systems and components in Minnesota. 

What is required of all industrialized and modular buildings?

They must comply with the Minnesota State Building Code and the Uniform Administrative Procedures Act, Model Rule and Regulations for Industrialized/Modular Buildings and the amendments contained in the chapter.

Compliance with the Minnesota State building Code is proven by a permanent seal and data plate. An Industrialized Building Commission Seal and Code Compliance Data Plate are required to be attached to each building or building section prior to transport or entering Minnesota. 

Minnesota's Industrial/Modular Building Code

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