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How to submit modular and installation plans electronically.

Minnesota Building Code Rules (Chapter 1350) incorporate necessary changes to meet the minimum requirements of the Federal Installation Standards and Programs, Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) 3285 and 3286. The following information applies to areas of Minnesota that have not adopted the statewide building code and do not have an appointed building official. Building officials (also referred to as Local Authority Having Jurisdiction or LAHJ) in Minnesota enforcing the Minnesota State Building Code (MSBC) are required to issue all building permits and inspect all manufactured home installations within their jurisdictions. Building officials may also use or adopt the same policies and procedures for document submission and inspection of manufactured home installations as this agency.

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1.) Complete and submit the Notice of Manufactured Home Sale and Installation for all new and used manufactured home sales when the home is to be installed or re-installed.

  • If the home is currently installed for occupancy in a park or located on private property and is not being relocated, this form is not required.

  • If the home is going to be installed or re-installed in an area with an LAHJ or in a state other than Minnesota, submit the document to us and we will forward to the LAHJ or the state of installation.

  • If the home is going to be installed or re-installed in an area of our jurisdiction, we'll forwarded to the appropriate inspector for preliminary inspection scheduling.

2.) For new manufactured home sales, licensed dealers must complete and retain in dealer sales record files the Important Notice/Purchaser Disclosure.

  • The notice must be signed and dated by purchaser and purchaser must be provided a copy of the document.

3.) For all new and used manufactured home sales when the home or portions of installation or re-installation are to be completed by the owner. The consumer/purchaser is to sign and be given a copy of the letter Manufactured Home Owner Completing Installation.

  • A copy of the completed and signed document is to be forwarded to us or the LAHJ.

  • The dealer must retain a copy of the document in sales record files.

  • If the home is to be installed or re-installed in a licensed manufactured home park, as per Minnesota laws and rules, a licensed installer must complete the installation of re-installation of the home.

Plan application and approvals

Complete and submit the following documents prior to beginning any work of the installation or re-installation of a manufactured home in our jurisdiction. A LAHJ may have similar requirements.

1.) Submit the Manufactured Home Installation Plan Review Application.

  • If mechanical, electrical, or plumbing items for installation of home are to be completed by other than the licensed installer or homeowner, indicate the information as indicated on the application.

  • Upon review of the entire submittal package the applicant will receive a notice of additional information needed to be submitted, or letter of approval indicating a project approval number.

  • If approved, always refer to the project approval number when requesting inspection for installation or requesting information on the specific project from CCLD staff. Installation plan review will be invoiced to the party submitting plans for review and approval.

2.) Installation of the home may not begin until approval is granted from this agency or the LAHJ. Attach to the plan review application the following minimum documentation for review.

  • Letter or certificate of approval/acceptance for the project from the local zoning officer. Example of Zoning Permits

  • Dimensioned site plan which includes at a minimum the lot size, property lines, building floor size (for all buildings on the property), set-back distances from property lines and other buildings on the property, proposed elevations of home foundation and home finished floor, and grading and drainage plan for the site. Example of dimensioned site plan

  • Support and anchoring plan indicating footing locations and sizes and anchor locations including equipment model number. View the Minnesota Approved Anchor List. Submit copies of manufacturer's DAPIA approved support and anchoring requirements for model specific homes or you may use our generic drawings for homes without specific manufacturers DAPIA approved plans for support and anchoring.

  • Frame pier support section cut on the generic diagrams with information inserted from the manufacturers DAPIA approved installation manuals or from MSBC 1350 generic pier support information if the manufacturers DAPIA approved information is not available.

  • Drawings indicating all deck, stair, landing, guardrail and handrail construction details indicating compliance to the MSBC and the International Residential Code (IRC). May be submitted on generic drawings 

  • If skirting is to be installed on the home submit documentation indicating type of material and ventilation amounts and methods for the under home area.

Installation Inspections

The following explains steps to obtain an installation inspection from our agency and installer certification of installation and correction and re-inspection processes. 

  1. Ten days prior to proposed completion of the installation or re-installation, the licensed installer must notify us to arrange inspection of the installation. Prior to contacting us please ensure that if other parties are involved in the installation or re-installation that items in other parties' control are also available for inspection.

  2. When an installer has completed all items listed and contracted for the home installation or re-installation, the licensed installer may apply the metal installation label to the manufactured home (in a location near the construction label). Do not complete the Manufactured Home Installation Compliance Certification until our staff or the LAHJ has completed the inspections required, at that time the installer will be notified to complete the certificate and submit to CCLD.

  • Note: If one licensed installer performs anchoring contract and a different licensed installer performs the foundation and or blocking piers of the installation, each installer should affix an installation label and complete a certificate of installation for items covered in the contract for installation. Only a licensed installer is allowed to purchase installation labels.

3.) Upon completion of the installation inspection , a licensed installer will be notified that the installation items  pass inspection for compliance, or a Correction Notification of items to be corrected will be issued, or a notice of failure of the installation with items cited and re-inspection will be required.

  • If installation passed inspection for compliance, installer proceeds and completes and submits installation certificate.

  • Correction notices require correction of items within 40-days of receiving notification. When items are corrected, the installer is required to sign for items completed, complete installation certificate and return both documents to us. Some of the items may be subject to re-inspection. Three consecutive violations of the same nature for a licensed installer will subject that licensed installer to 100% inspection of all installations until we determine the licensed installer complies with all installation rules and regulations. Licensed installers placed on 100% of installation inspection are invoiced for inspections required after the initial site and footing inspection.

  • A Notice of Failure of Installation requires correction within 40-days. Upon correction of items cited, the installer must contact us to schedule a re-inspection. After re-inspection and receiving notification that the installation complies to code, the installer should complete and submit the installation certification. Re-inspection time and expenses are invoiced to the licensed installer of record. Notice of failure of installation will deem the manufactured home as unsafe and not habitable and the home is not to be occupied prior to passing the re-inspection of the installation. Two consecutive failures of installation subject the licensed installer to 100% inspection of all installations until we determine that the licensed installer complies with all installation rules and regulations.

4.) For installation items that are completed by the homeowner:

  • Homeowners must notify us 10-days prior to anticipated inspection date to schedule an inspection.

  • Homeowners completing installation items are subject to inspection for all items completed. Example:

    • Lot grading and pre-pouring of footings or slabs.

    • Rough-in inspection of poured footings or foundation system, mate line connections prior to close-up on multi-section homes, anchoring, utility hook-up, and etc.

    • Final inspection of home with minimum of final grading, skirting installation, utility testing or verification, exterior stairs and landings, etc.

  • Homeowners are invoiced for time and expenses for all inspections.

  • Correction Notifications are issued for non-compliance and require correction within 40-days of written notice issued. Re-inspection is required for all correction notices.

  • Notice of failure of installation may be issued for items concerning life safety violations or for violations which may result in damages to the home which are in the category of HUD defined serious defect or imminent safety hazards. Notice of failure requires correction within 40-days of receiving written notice of failure and re-inspection of corrections when completed will be required. A Correction Notification means the manufactured home unsafe and not habitable and the home is not to be occupied prior to passing the re-inspection of the installation.

  • Upon completion and passing inspection of installation we will issue the homeowner a certificate of installation.


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