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Q:  I keep getting an error in my application.

If you are getting an error while applying, do not cut and paste from Word and make sure pop-ups are enabled for your web browser.

Q:  Who should be listed as the contact person?

The contact person should be someone from the company requesting the grant who should be receiving all correspondence.

Q:  Who should be listed as the authorized representative?

The authorized representative is the person who will be responsible for signing the contract, if it is awarded.

Q:  How do I submit my supporting documents for my application?

To submit supporting documents, click the "Submit" button and then upload your supporting documents.

Q:  How long after the deadline date will I hear about the grant decision?

Grant decisions take Minnesota OSHA Workplace Safety Consultation approximately two to three weeks after the deadline date. This timeframe is dependent on the number of applications.

Q: How will I be notified about the decision?

If you are denied, you will receive an email message from the grants coordinator. If you are approved, you will receive an email message from DocuSign with a contract.

Q:  Can I purchase an item that is slightly different from what was on my quote?

Yes, you may purchase an item slightly different from what was on your quote if it is similar and fixes the original hazard that is stated in your application. Reach out to the grants coordinator first in this situation.

Q:  Can I purchase an item before I am awarded a grant?

No, invoices dated before the date of the fully executed contract will exclude those items from grant eligibility.

Q:  Can I make a down payment?

No, your application will be deemed ineligible.

Q:  I have multiple locations; can they all apply for a safety grant?

Yes, Minnesota OSHA Workplace Safety Consultation can accept one application for each address.

Q:  What are the deadlines for the grants cycles?

The deadlines for the grants cycles are every two months:  Feb. 15; April 15; June 15; Aug. 15; Oct. 15; and Dec. 15.

Q:  Why doesn't the personal identification number (PIN) or key code I used last time still work?

You need a new PIN or key code for each new application.

Q:  I was unable to complete the grant (or I no longer want to move forward with the grant), what should I do?

If you would like to withdraw your application, email the grants coordinator at

Q:  When can I reapply if I withdrew my most recent application?

You can reapply during the next open cycle that occurs after your withdrawn application.

Q:  We received a previous grant; how long do we need to wait until we can apply again?

You may reapply two years from the date of the last signature on the contract.

Q:  Do you accept paper applications?

No, paper applications are not accepted; the application is online only.

Q:  I work for an entity that wants to apply, but I need prior approval (school board, city council). Should I get the approval first and then apply for the grant?

Yes, get all the approvals you need before applying for a safety grant.

Q:  What items are not covered under the Safety Grant Program?

Examples of items not covered under the Safety Grant Program include:  automatic external defibrillators (AEDs); CPR training; office furniture; automobiles; weapons; and personnel.

Q:  I forgot to print my application. Can you print it and send it back?

No, you may print your application before you submit it, but after it is submitted, no printed copies will be made available.


Q:  Can we request employee wages for training that is provided to employees with the newly purchased equipment?

No, safety grants may not be used to reimburse employee wages.

Q:  What kind of training is acceptable in the Safety Grant Program?

Acceptable training in the Safety Grant Program includes hazard-specific training (OSHA-related CFR 1910 and 1926, and Minnesota Rules), such as lockout/tagout, fall-protection, competent person and confined space.


Q:  I purchased my items; how do I get reimbursed?

To be reimbursed for purchased items, email the invoice, proof of payment and certificate of completion form to the grants coordinator at Note:

  • an invoice with a zero balance is not accepted;

  • pictures of documents are not accepted; and

  • paying for your item with cash is discouraged.

Q:  Where is the certificate of completion form?

The certificate of completion form is included with the email message sent with your fully signed contract.

Q:  Can I pay for my grant item with a loan?

Yes, grant items may be paid for with a loan, but you must provide the loan agreement with the proof of the first payment.

Q:  If I am not able to complete my grant within 120 days, what should I do?

Email the grants coordinator at before the deadline date.

Q:  How soon after the contract has been signed will I receive payment?

After you receive a payment-approved letter, you can expect payment within a few days, depending on the payment method.

Q:  Do I need to record the grant money for tax purposes?

You will need to speak to your tax professional about tax requirements for the safety grant.

Q:  Where will my payment go?

You will receive payment based on how your "supplier number" was established with Minnesota Management and Budget. If payment is by check, it will be routed to the address on the W-9 form you provided.

Q:  What should I do if my office is moving?

Discuss relocations with the grants coordinator as soon as possible.

Q:  What should I do if the person in charge of our safety grant is leaving the company?

Discuss personnel changes with the grants coordinator as soon as possible.

Q:  What should I do if our company changes banks?

Contact the grants coordinator as soon as possible.