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Statewide Excavation Safety Stand-down – March 18 through 22, 2024

Excavation Safety Stand-down 2024

Minnesota OSHA (MNOSHA), along with other safety professionals, is promoting and participating in a statewide Excavation Safety Stand-down from March 18 through 22. MNOSHA is partnering with federal OSHA Region 5, which includes Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio and Wisconsin, to focus on the importance of excavation safety.

About the stand-down

The Excavation Safety Stand-down is a voluntary event for employers to reinforce the importance of working safely in and around excavations and discuss topics such as how to properly slope, shore or shield workers from excavation hazards. Employers are asked to take a break to discuss the hazards that kill workers, across the country, every year. Excavation work involves numerous hazards:  improper soil classification; lack of inspections; insufficient egress; and improper protective systems. Employers are encouraged to make a plan to protect workers and prevent accidents.

The stand-down is part of Minnesota OSHA's ongoing emphasis on excavation and trench safety to provide employers with lifesaving information and educational materials about how to plan ahead to prevent accidents and protect workers.

Certificate of participation

Any contractor or entity that wants to prevent excavation hazards from occurring can participate in the stand-down by conducting a toolbox talk, pre-shift meeting or focused break to discuss excavation hazards, such as:

  • surface encumbrances;

  • access and egress;

  • exposure to traffic and falling loads;

  • hazardous atmospheres;

  • water accumulation;

  • competent person roles and responsibilities; and

  • protective systems.


Stand-down poster

  • View/print a stand-down poster for your worksite in English or Spanish.