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The Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry (department) is required to notify you of the following matters before you are asked to supply any private or confidential data about yourself.

  1. You are filing a complaint asking the department to investigate a Minnesota employer's practices related to wages, hours and other conditions of employment of Minnesota employees. The information you supply may be used to determine whether there has been a violation of the Minnesota Prevailing Wage Act (MPWA) and related rules in the workplace, to contact you with follow-up questions or to ask you to be a witness if the department's commissioner finds that the employer is violating the law.

  2. You are not required to cooperate with the department's investigation unless the department subpoenas the information from you. Further, you are not required to incriminate yourself in any possible criminal matter and, therefore, you may exercise your constitutional right to refuse to answer any question(s) you feel may be incriminatory.

  3. The information you supply about yourself is confidential and will be accessed by employees in the department’s Labor Standards unit. The information you provide may also be released to others who have authority to review it, including other individuals within the department, the Minnesota attorney general’s office, state and possible related federal agencies, law enforcement, courts and the legislative auditor. After our investigation is closed, it is possible the information may also be released by order of a judge.

You can learn more about Tennessen warnings from the Minnesota Department of Administration.

Complaint form and agreement

 Complaint formBy clicking this link, you agree you have read and understand the statement above.