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1. Why have annual claim reimbursements been delayed?

The Department of Labor and Industry (DLI) experienced delays in processing annual claims reimbursements when transitioning from the previous workers’ compensation IT system, Informix, to the current system, Work Comp Campus.

2. When will my annual claim reimbursement request get paid?

DLI is working diligently to process reimbursement requests from oldest to newest. The oldest supplemental benefit claims are pre-Campus claims submitted via paper form. These claims are anticipated to be processed by Sept. 15, 2022. The next group of reimbursement requests to be processed will be supplemental benefit claims submitted electronically through Campus. These claims will be paid as soon possible.

When the backlog has been cleared, the department’s goal is to process supplemental benefit reimbursement claims within 60 days of receipt unless additional information is required to process the payment.

Processing of second-injury claims is still pending and will take priority after processing of supplemental benefit claims is up to date.

3. Does the third-party administrator (TPA) or the self-insurer receive the reimbursement to the annual claim?

The insurer entity whose federal employer identification number (FEIN) appears in state of Minnesota accounting records must be the claim payee for tax reporting and liability purposes. Insurers may set up addresses and have payments sent to a third party. Physical checks will be issued to the insurer and can be mailed to any address as authorized by the insurer, such as a TPA. For ACH payments, insurers may direct payment to the account number of its choosing.

To manage account information, visit

4. How can I check the status of my annual claim reimbursement?

After your claim has been processed and payment is complete, you will receive an email message with a link to the payment details. To inquire about pending payments, send an email message to that includes the employee name, date of injury and Campus employee I.D. (worker identification or WID) number.

5. How can I speed up the payment of my reimbursement?

To speed up the payment of your reimbursement, take the following steps.

  1. Ensure every claim seeking reimbursement has an electronic data interchange (EDI) first report of injury (FROI) update report (UR) and a subsequent report of injury (SROI) UR transaction along with appropriate continuing EDI transactions that make the claim current in Campus. EDI filing questions can be directed to the EDI team at

  2. Ensure your organization has a vendor number (or supplier I.D. number) set up with the state of Minnesota. Vendor numbers are used by Minnesota Management and Budget to validate the identity of the payee. If not already submitted, a W-9 is needed to set up a vendor number. Completed W-9 forms should be emailed to with a reference to the claim for which it is being submitted.

    After a vendor number is created, organizations can log into the accounting system (SWIFT) and manage their account by updating the payee mailing address or adding bank account information to receive payment via ACH instead of check.

    For vendor support information, visit