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1. How are vocational rehabilitation services requested?

The employer/insurer can request this consultation by referring the case directly to a qualified rehabilitation consultant (QRC). The employee may submit a written request for a consultation to the employer/insurer -- employees may use a Rehabilitation Request form.

If liability for the claim is disputed, the employee may receive a consultation through the Department of Labor and Industry's Vocational Rehabilitation unit.

2. What is the employer's or insurer's response to a rehabilitation consultation request?

When an employee requests a rehabilitation consultation, the employer or insurer responds to the request within 14 days by filing a Disability Status Report form.

3. Who chooses the qualified rehabilitation consultant (QRC)?

The insurer may refer the employee to a QRC for a rehabilitation consultation; however, the employee has the right to choose the QRC for the rehabilitation consultation up to two months after a rehabilitation plan is filed with the department. After this period, the employee and the insurer must agree to any change or have the matter settled by the Department of Labor and Industry.

4. What determines eligibility?

The rehabilitation consultation is a meeting between the qualified rehabilitation consultant (QRC) and the employee to determine whether the employee is eligible for rehabilitation services. The QRC will also talk with the employer and the health care provider to assess the likelihood that the employee will return to work with the employer. Eligibility for vocational rehabilitation is based on whether:

  • the employee is unable to do their usual and customary job because of the injury;

  • the employer is unable to provide other suitable employment; and

  • rehabilitation services will benefit the worker.

A dispute about eligibility can be settled by filing a Rehabilitation Request form with the department.

5. What are the responsibilities of the injured worker in a vocational rehabilitation program?

The employee is responsible for following the rehabilitation plan and actively seeking work.

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