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Minnesota Dual-Training Pipeline is excited to add child care as a new dual-training industry in 2023. 

Child care facility

The child care industry in Minnesota has a profound impact on families, communities and the overall economy. It supports working parents by providing a safe and nurturing environment for their children while at work or pursuing educational opportunities.

Despite the high need for this service, there is a gap in services, and child care providers struggle to keep up with demand for talented workers. For example, there are currently about 9,700 preschool teachers in Minnesota with a projection of 12,439 new positions, plus replacement of departing employees, over the next ten years.


Our team is here to help businesses with child care workforce needs. We look forward to working with employers to help identify the occupations needed in this industry and to help us develop competency models for training. If you are interested in helping our team add new occupations and create earn-and-learn dual training in child care, contact us at