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Work Comp Campus allows employees to elect to have online access to their workers' compensation claims. These employees are able to login to Campus at any time to see accurate details about their benefits and any dispute-related proceedings scheduled at the Department of Labor and Industry (DLI).

Benefits for employees

  • Access to claim details and the ability to file documents with DLI related to their workers’ compensation claim or claims – 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

  • Electronic service of documents for claims, disputes, appeals and vocational rehabilitation forms.

  • Email notification of filings to claims, disputes and vocational rehabilitation plans.

  • Electronic event scheduling for conferences and mediations, including the ability to provide availability for DLI Alternative Dispute Resolution mediations and conferences.

  • Continued access to fair, accurate and timely benefits.

Impacts to employees

  • Employees who opt in are able to access their files electronically, so they will no longer need to come to the Department of Labor and Industry office to view them.

  • Employees who opt in have an enhanced ability to understand the status of their claim and what to do next.

  • Work Comp Campus offers a new avenue to understand injured workers rights in the workers’ compensation system and access available resources.

  • Employees maintain the ability to conduct pro se filings to DLI through Campus or through paper filing. ("Pro se" means the employee is representing himself or herself without an attorney.)