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$1.3 million wages recovered for workers in 2021

Unpaid wages? That is wage theft. Wage theft is against the law.

When an employer avoids paying or fails to pay wages earned by its employees, it is wage theft.

  • Didn't get your last paycheck?

  • Paid less than minimum wage or not paid overtime?

  • Required tip sharing?

  • Unpaid wages or illegal deductions from wages?

  • Working off-the-clock? 

  • Misclassified as an independent contractor?

It is your right to get paid. Get what you are owed. Free help for filing a wage claim.

Labor Standards will help you file a wage claim to resolve cases of unpaid wages. For free help filing a wage claim, contact us at, 651-284-5075 or 800-342-5354.

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