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Apply for plumbing plan review online or by submitting a paper application below.

Option 1:  Online application for plan review

BEFORE PROCEEDING with the online plan review application and electronic payment method, be advised that plumbing plans must be submitted electronically through a separate web-based electronic plan review system:  ePlans. A separate account and initial set-up is required. Paper plans will not be accepted when applying online.

Learn more about online applications.

Option 2:  Paper applications for plan review

Option 3:  Submission relating to an already reviewed and approved plan review

  • Call or email the assigned plan review engineer using the contact information provided on the project Report on Plans, or 

  • Email to authorize the restart of the ePlans workflow for uploading revised plan sheets.

The required plan review fee for option 3 will be added to the project in the online plan review application system and must be paid before revisions or additional information are reviewed and approved.