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The most up-to-date information and grant application materials for Minnesota Dual-Training Pipeline grants are available from the Minnesota Office of Higher Education (OHE).

What are Dual Training Grants and what can they do?

Dual Training Grants are part of the Minnesota Dual-Training Pipeline, which was established by the Minnesota Legislature in 2014 to expand dual training and apprenticeship programs. Dual-training programs provide structured on-the-job training and related instruction so employees can develop the necessary occupational competencies to succeed in their chosen career.

In 2015, the Minnesota legislature created the Dual Training Grant Program to help employers and training providers deliver dual training to meet industry-developed occupational competency standards. OHE is administering these grants, in collaboration with us.

Employers can use Dual Training Grants to train employees in an occupation for which a competency standard has been identified in one of the four Minnesota Dual-Training Pipeline industries. The employers must have an agreement with a training institution or program to provide the competency training. Grant funds can be used to cover student/employees’ tuition, fees and required materials for the related instruction training. 

Dual Training Grant request for application

The Dual Training Grant request for application is open from March 1 through April 3, 2023. Visit OHE’s website to access the application materials.

There are two grant writing workshops available for those interested in applying for funding:  

View the grant FAQs for help with Dual Training Grant questions.

Eligible industries and occupations

Dual Training Grants can be used to meet competency standards in the following industries and occupations:

What about developing additional occupations for dual training?

The industries and occupations eligible for grants will expand as we approve additional competencies. Please contact us to learn more about developing your occupation.


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