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Dual-Training Recognition Badge

Pipeline badge

The Minnesota Dual-Training Pipeline invites employers using a dual-training program for workforce development to apply for a Dual-Training Recognition Badge. By securing this recognition, businesses and organizations are more likely to attract quality-seeking employees and experience increased retention among their employees. The Minnesota Pipeline staff will review the application and notify the employer regarding the recognition opportunity:

  • Once an employer is recognized, they can display the Minnesota Dual-Training Pipeline Employer badge on their business properties and website. 

  • When an employer is recognized, their partner education provider and any community-based organizations they work with may display the Pipeline Dual-Training Partner badge on their business properties and website.

Intercultural Mutual Assistance Association

IMAA logo

Rochester’s Intercultural Mutual Assistance Association (IMAA), a 35-year-old nonprofit dedicated to helping newcomers find stability, self-sufficiency, independence and community in a new country, is working with the Minnesota Dual-Training Pipeline to upskill community health workers (CHW). 

“The opportunities that this Pipeline dual-training program has offered me are truly inspiring. The program has worked very diligently to align CHW certificate program classes through Rochester Community and Technical College (RCTC), alongside an on-site internship at Mayo Clinic. In the case of this collaboration through RCTC and the Mayo Clinic internship, IMAA and Rochester Public Schools are able to train their employees to become a better version of themselves personally and professionally, along with fostering opportunities of collaboration and partnership in the community.”
–  dual trainee

“This program has increased my awareness of the importance of acknowledging a person’s culture and responding in culturally sensitive ways. It has reinforced the key role that health and wellness play in preventing and managing chronic disease. Our health care system is confusing to navigate. Providing the supports is necessary for some people in order understand how to access the care they need.”
dual trainee

M Health Fairview

M Health Fairview logo

M Health Fairview delivers breakthrough healthcare across Minnesota and beyond by uniting University of Minnesota-powered research with an extensive network of community hospitals and clinics. Fairview has utilized the Minnesota Dual-Training Pipeline within Information Technology.

The ability of an employer to have a worker that is up to date with the latest software and program development is necessary to the IT industry. Fairview Health Services has been able to keep their workers up to speed within the information technology field with the help of Pipeline support and services and, new this year, they are adding Pipeline occupations within Health Care to their success story.

“Pipeline allowed us to focus on competencies and key areas because we need to look at how we can help employees go to school, work at the same time, and be successful at it.”
Laura Beeth, Talent Acquisition, Fairview Health Services

Seneca Foods

Seneca Logo

Seneca Foods is one of the largest fruit and vegetable processing companies in the U.S. Since 2018, Seneca Foods has used Minnesota Dual-Training Pipeline at their corn and pea processing facility in Montgomery.  

“You get to experience the actual through-and-through of the book in real life in your hands and on-the-Job training is perfect for that.”
Winston Carlson, dual trainee


Ultra Machining Company

UMC logo

For over 50 years, Ultra Machining Company in Monticello has been a premiere manufacturer of medical device components as well as precision aerospace products and more. UMC has utilized Minnesota Dual-Training Pipeline for training since 2015.  

“This program has allowed me to go back to school and get better educated on inspection equipment and quality assurance in a medical manufacturing environment. That in return will open more doors in the current company I work for and I will be able to help the company grow and provide quality parts to our customers.”
Sara Rocksted, dual trainee

“It’s a benefit to offer potential and existing employees this ‘learn-while-you-earn’ model. They’re not just working they’re not just going to school. They’re actually dual-trainees, so it benefits everyone.”
Beth Metzger, training and development specialist

Minnesota Dual-Training Pipeline receives innovation award

The Minnesota Dual-Training Pipeline was awarded a 2016 State Government Innovation Award from the University of Minnesota Humphrey School of Public Affairs and the Nonprofit Leadership Center. The award recognizes "the great work of state government entities and encourages an environment of experimentation and innovation in Minnesota."


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